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Where do I get an IT Academy membership ID and program key?

If you received an enrollment invitation directly from the IT Academy benefits platform, you will be asked to enter an IT Academy membership ID and program key. If you do not have that information, check with your IT Academy program administrator.

What do I do if my membership ID is not accepted?

Contact the administrator who signed you up and request a new one

Can I change the email address I use to sign in?

Unfortunately, it cannot be changed. If you have a need to do this, you should contact your instructor or program administrator. They would have to create a brand new user account for you and it would not have the course activity or history from your earlier account associated to it.

What do I do if my sign in attempts fail?

If your Microsoft Account or Organization sign in fails, click the Contact Us link in the footer for assistance. If your school account fails, contact your school.

What do I do if I get an error that my subscription has expired?

Contact the administrator who provided you access. If this isn't possible or doesn't help, click the Contact Us link the footer for assistance.

How do I add another IT Academy organization to the list of those I can work with?

Microsoft should have sent Membership ID by email to administrators at your organization.

In the organization dropdown click Activate membership.

On the resulting screen, enter the IT Academy membership ID and IT Academy program key. Microsoft should have sent these to the administrator at your institution. Check with your administrator if you do not have these.

Click Submit.

You are returned to the administrator home page and are now logged in under the newly added academy. You can switch organizations at any time by clicking your name and then clicking Switch organizations from the drop-down menu. Learning Plans

I selected the Keep me signed in check box, but now I would like to sign in with a different account. Can I do that?

Yes. If you saved your credentials (that is, you selected the Keep me signed in check box), you can still sign in with a different account. On the IT Academy home page, in the upper-right corner (next to your user name), click the drop-down arrow. From the menu, select Sign out. Clear your browser cache, and then close the browser. Then, open your browser, go to the IT Academy sign-in page, and click Sign in. Select an account option, and then sign in with different credentials.

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Why weren't all my learning plans migrated to Microsoft Online Learning?

When learning plans are migrated to Microsoft Online Learning from other platforms, plans containing zero courses or those containing more than 50 courses are not migrated. The courses from those plans are still available to you and can be found by either using the Search function or clicking Browse to find course on specific subject matter.

If you have completed courses that were included in a large learning plan, those courses will appear in My Achievements under the Courses I Added section.

If some of your learning plans were not migrated, they should appear in the following table along with the reason.

How do I assign a learning plan to one or more users?

To assign a learning plan to one or more users:

Click Learning Plans.

Locate the learning plan that you want to edit. If you know any part of its name you can type that in the Search box and press Enter.

Click the Manage Users icon in the bar at the bottom of the learning plan.

Select the users you want to add, and click Assign.

How do I remove a user from a learning plan?

This is almost the same as adding a user. To assign a learning plan to one or more users:

Click Learning Plans.

Locate the learning plan that you want to edit. If you know any part of its name you can type that in the Search box and press Enter.

Click the Manage Users icon in the bar at the bottom of the learning plan.

Select the users you want to remove, and click Unassign.

How do I update the list of courses in a learning plan?

To update the list of courses in a learning plan:

Click the Learning Plans tile.

Click the Manage courses icon.

Expand the offerings in the course catalog and check the courses and collections to include in the plan, or remove the check to remove them.

Click Save.

The learning plan is saved with its new collection of courses and you are returned to the Learning Plans page. All users assigned to the plan should receive an email notifying them of the change.

If you change your mind about editing the learning plan you can click the Cancel button or the X in the upper right corner.

Why don't we have a learning plan assigned to a user when he is added to a group associated with a learning plan?

This is by design; we do not support live groups today. In this case adding the user to the group will not assign the learning plan to him and also there will be no trigger email generated for learning plan assignment. The learning plan needs to be assigned to the user explicitly.

Some of my learning plans from the previous system seem to be missing. Did some learning plans not migrate?

In a few rare cases, learning plans from the previous system could not be migrated. There are two reasons for this:

  Too many courses in the learning plan. Learning plans containing over 50 courses were not migrated. In-progress courses from the learning plans will appear for the learner in My Courses, under the Courses I Added section. Completed courses from these learning plans will appear for the learner in My Achievements under the courses I Added section.

  Zero courses in the learning plan.

The names of unmigrated learning plans are listed in the table below along with the reason not migrated:

Loading learning plan table...

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Is there a limit on how many Microsoft accounts can be created?

Some learners did not have credentials for signing in, so I asked them to create Microsoft accounts. After three learners created accounts our school was prevented from adding any more. What is the problem?

Microsoft accounts (previously Windows Live(tm) ID) has an added security feature that blocks new e-mail creation requests if more than 3 learners from the same IP address try to create new accounts within a 24 hour period. Any further deployment is blocked pending Whitelisting of the IP address.

There is a simple way for you to "whitelist" your company's IP address(es). Simply complete the IP Whitelisting Form with as many details as possible, and your request will be automatically submitted to the Microsoft Account Support team.

As a teacher or administrator is there a way I can generate Microsoft accounts for an entire class or school for learner use?

Yes, you can use the IT Academy Log-In ID Creator (https://itasignon.microsoft.com) to create Microsoft accounts in bulk on behalf of your learners. You must sign in to the tool using the same credentials you use for the IT Academy Program.

I uploaded a CSV of my users and it failed. What should I do?

The first thing to do is look at the report that is displayed after the upload to see if a reason is given. A common cause is attempting to upload the wrong file format. For example you may have saved an Excel file in CSV format and then accidently selected the Excel file in the upload dialog.

Another possibility is that you already uploaded that file, so all your accounts are duplicates.

If your records were processed but not all records seem to be accounted for, open your CSV file in Excel and confirm that all records have a first and last name. There is currently a bug that allows a record with no first and last name to slip through, but then doesn't process it. In this case the report might look like this:

Total Records processed: 3

Created Records: 2

Duplicate Records: 0

Invalid Records: 0

The sum of created, duplicate, and invalid records should equal the number processed.

What do I do if the report says my bulk upload has invalid data?

This is usually caused by an invalid or missing email address. Open the CSV file in Excel and look for an invalid email address.

You can also compare the users added to those in the CSV file to determine which ones didn't take.

Why do I see NOEMAIL@NONE.COM in a learner profile?

If the account was moved from another courseware management server that didn't provide a contact email address for a leaner, this placeholder, followed by some numbers, is stored in their profile. You can edit their profile to set the correct contact email address, or they can do this.

Can I add one user to multiple groups?

Yes. You can add the same user to as many groups as you would like. You can also add other groups to a group. Groups are a way to organize users so you can easily assign the same learning plan to them.

Where can I learn more about groups?

Visit the Help documentation for information about groups. .

How do I make someone an administrator?

Two ways to make someone an administrator follow:

To make someone who is already enrolled (for example, an instructor) an administrator, on the Administrator site, click the Users tile. Find the specific user, and click the Edit User icon. Then, under “Assign roles,” select the Site admin check box.

Or, on the Administrator site, click the Users tile and then click Invite users. In the Which role do you want to assign to each user? menu, select Site admin. In the How many users do you want to give this link to? field, specify the number of users to whom you want to assign the Site admin role and then click Create enrollment link. To have an administrator enrollment email sent to you, click Send me link in email. You can then forward that email and the link to the new administrator(s).

How do I remove a user, such as an administrator, an instructor, or a learner?

Rather than removing a user, you block a user’s access to the site. This renders a user inactive until the block is lifted. (The access can be blocked by an administrator of the organization.) To render a user’s access inactive, on the Administrator site, click the Users tile. Select the user whose access you want to block, click the Block User icon, and then click Yes.

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What is the minimum recommended system for viewing Microsoft Online Learning courses?

Currently, we recommend any of the following operating system / browser combinations:

Minimum Requirements

Operating System:

Windows XP, or Windows 7 or higher


Internet Explorer 8 or newer

Chrome 25.0.1364.172

Firefox 19.0.1 or higher

Recommended System

Operating System:

Windows 8


Current version of Internet Explorer

Broadband Internet Connection

Note: If your system is set to the minimum resolution, or close to it, you might explore the scaling option in your browser for the optimum view when working in a course.

Note: Virtual labs require Internet Explorer, since they use Active X controls.

Do some courses have specific requirements?

Yes, some courses do have specific requirements. To view course requirements, sign in to the Learner site, click My Courses, click the desired course title, and then click System Requirements.

Why do I get a message about only secure content being displayed?

This message is telling you that there may be both secure and non-secure content on the page. Secure and non-secure content, or mixed content, means that a webpage is trying to display elements using both secure (HTTPS/SSL) and non-secure (HTTP) web server connections.

For more information and instructions on how to disable this notification, read this article on the Microsoft Support site: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2625928#method2.

Can a learner download a course and view it offline?

Yes, at this time the following courses are available for offline viewing:

Course ID Courses Title
2695 Digital Literacy: Computer Basics
2696 Digital Literacy: Internet and the World Wide Web
2697 Digital Literacy: Productivity Programs
2698 Digital Literacy: Computer Security & Privacy
2699 Digital Literacy: Digital Lifestyle
70357 Microsoft Windows 8.1 Desktop Essentials
70358 Microsoft Windows 8.1 Start Screen Essentials
70148 Microsoft Excel 2013 Essentials
70151 Microsoft Office Web Apps Essentials
70152 Microsoft OneNote 2013 Essentials
70154 Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Essentials
70158 Microsoft Word 2013 Essentials
70438 Partners in Learning: Technology Literacy Teacher Competencies Self- Assessment
70439 Why does the UNESCO ICT-CFT promote technology literacy?
70440 Selecting ICT resources to support curriculum outcomes
70441 How do technology and pedagogy mix?
70442 Use basic ICT tools to support teaching and learning
70443 Organize and manage the use of ICT in your classroom
70444 Technology literacy and your professional development

Why do I get an error when I try to run a virtual lab?

Virtual labs require Internet Explorer, since they use Active X controls. To run a lab, you can use Internet Explorer and then switch back to your preferred browser for the rest of the course content.

When attempting to view a course video a dialog is displayed asking if I want to display mixed content. What should I do?

Click Yes to continue.

To prevent this message from being shown again:

  1. Click Tools at the top of the browser menu bar.
  2. Click Internet Options.
  3. Click the Security tab at the top.
  4. Click the Custom Level... button.
  5. Scroll about halfway down to the Miscellaneous heading.
  6. Under this heading is the Display mixed content option; set this to Enable.
  7. Click OK, then Yes when prompted to confirm the change<
  8. Click OK to close the Internet Options window.
  9. Close and restart your browser.
  10. Note: The exact wording may vary depending on your version of IE, but the general steps are the same for all recent versions.

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Why does the order of organizations in the list keep changing?

The order in which the organizations are displayed in your list is based on your activities. Normally the one you worked with most recently is displayed at the top. But if a new organization was added since then, it is listed at the top. The rest are in alphabetic order below it.

Is there a link to go directly from the administration site to a course I want to view or resume?

On the admin dashboard click your user name and in the dropdown click Learner site; the learner site will open up in a new browser tab.

Why is the report I printed messed up?

The reports are designed to be printed in landscape orientation. If you print in portrait orientation some information may be missing or truncated.

How do I specify the site language and the course language?

On the Profile page, you can select the default language. This will change the site accordingly and also while browsing and searching for courses, this default language will be pre-selected in the course language filter. You can choose to change this language if you want to view courses in any other language. Please do note that changing this filter will not change your site language.

How can I ensure that enrollment emails generated from the system contain the correct whr parameter as per my organization's federation?

The enrollment links generated by the system pick the whr parameter based on your login credentials when creating the enrollment codes. So if you have logged in with your federated account, the enrollment links will have the corresponding whr associated with the same.